Keeping Up Standards


The only guaranteed way to ensure that your standards are being followed to the letter is to conduct an insurance survey - which we're happy to do on your behalf.

It's widely recognised that the insurance industry workforce responsible for surveys is ageing, and that replacements are not being trained or appointed. This means quality information on risks will be harder to come by in the future.

As a one-stop shop bringing specialist knowledge to bear, we can undertake accurate, no-stone-unturned surveys giving a true picture of the risk and any action being taken to reduce claims.

Using your own templates, or those we provide in consultation with you, we can analyse employers' liability; public and product liability; motor fleet risk management; material damage; business continuity - in fact any and all risks.

A new and worthwhile initiative now allows you to combine survey findings and recommendations on a database, accessible to authorised people within your organisation. As well as promoting the sharing of data between colleagues, the system allows you to benchmark policyholders against each other in terms of risk management.

In this way, underperformance issues can be addressed and hotspots needing urgent attention can be highlighted and dealt with.

Finally, we will undertake to track and chase post-survey recommendations, following progress with policy holders and giving them the guidance and assistance they need to comply with the relevant action points.