The Tailored Approach


We can develop and deliver a wide range of services applicable to different sized business in different business sectors.

The services are tailor-made to deal with your policyholders' specific claim issues. The primary aim is to tackle behaviour or processes which are leading to claims among your policyholders.

The programme of consultancy can also take account of key areas which the enforcement authorities look more closely at and take appropriate steps to reduce the risk of punitive action - an added benefit for your policyholders.

A useful foundation for any programme is our claims defence audit service. We can assess prior accidents, occupational illness or incidents in the workplace which could lead to claims. This process gauges the state of play of management systems which should be in place as a defence against claims (training records, risk assessments, working procedures and so on) to see how fit the policyholder is to counter any civil action which may arise from the event.

If you are pitching for new business which has a claims issue, a Northern Star programme to tackle the claims will set you apart from the competition.